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Riordan Manufacturing HR System Analysis Essay Example for Free

Riordan Manufacturing HR System Analysis Essay The new HRIS system architecture will be implemented and integrated into the existing IT infrastructure which will be supported by the corporate office in San Jose. I recommend that the company consider a three-tiered implementation approach. HRIS base requirements and enhanced HR functionality being deployed to a consolidated organizational-wide instance of the HRIS located at corporate office and a single virtual network in Tier 1; implementing the HRIS base requirements to US based locations in Tier 2; and providing enhanced HR functionality and support to the worldwide locations in Tier 3. In addition to the above, Tier 1 would also incorporate the deployment of a centralized data warehouse to accommodate consolidated management analysis and reporting. Under the new HR Information System, all employee information will be recorded and stored. Riordan will benefit from this system with features such as grievance tracking, payroll, security, with limited access for low level employees, and a central server connection that will work with most other servers; cross-platform access will also be available just in case a department manager (IT manager) uses a MAC instead of Windows, they would have access to the data and finally Riordan’s HR staff will be able to access all employee data at any time and at all Riordan locations. Understanding and finding the right software for Riordan Manufacturing, several options made their selves known; there are two programs which stood out, Trak-IT HR and Perfect HR. The programs mentioned above have all of the necessary tools and functions that a company like Riordan needs to upgrade their Human Resource Department Information System. There are some differences between programs; Perfect HR does have a Payroll Management system that will be needed for the Human Resource Department at Riordan (Aspetuck Systems Inc. 2007). Here is a little information from Trak-It HR, â€Å"Since 1988, !Trak-It Solutions has been developing and enhancing our HRIS software to meet the ever-changing needs of the Human Resource professional in small and medium-sized companies.† (! Trak-It  Solutions. 2007). Trak-IT HR software is recommended because it will be able to handle all of the requirements that Riordan’s Human Resource Department needs; as it is very easy to navigate through and will be very easy to train individuals in the HR department, the system uses the latest technology for HR Departments such as Graphic Toolbar, Pull-Down Menus and Shortcut Keys† (!Trak-It Solutions, para. 2). This will make it easy for the user to navigate through with ease and has easy to follow navigations. Application architecture will include a new HRIS architecture which will include a DBMS (Data Base Management system), OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) combined with web services in an intranet application, which will be coded using open source technology. In this scenario the assumption will be that the HRIS system is not capable of storing or producing the additional information needed by the HR department. Currently, the HR department uses the HRIS system to store basic employee information. To implement this system it will require updating (training) all employees that will use the Riordan Human Resource information; this would include, Managers, Recruiters, Employee Relation Specialist, Human Resource Personnel, Payroll Personnel and whoever else is a part of the Human Resource Department. Any Upgrades must be based on the employees (User) position and should be determined on h ow often these users use this system. All Human Resource Personnel should receive an upgrade at start-up of the new system. A User-centered deign for interface will be used, this design will enable the system to adapt to the HR department as a whole and will still remain easy to understand and be user friendly. â€Å"Security is a process and not a state, ongoing refinement and assessment is needed for prolonged success† (Security Innovation Inc. 2007). With a new Information System comes security issues and this system will be in need of some sort of a security system. Using an outside source for security would benefit Riordan and if Riordan decides to go with an outside security company rather than having an in-house security system, this would reduce the technical help needed in order to run the security system, giving Riordan more time to concentrate on their Human Resources, ensuring employee benefit. We have touched on Riordan’s new HRIS system and security measures needed for this system and when security measures are in place the HRIS System will run smoothly. Data Base Integrity must be included in this process; the following security controls are to be recommended within the  DBMS (Data Base Management System), Identify security controls (Critical Assets) for Riordan HR system; Data Encryption, Transition Control, Backup and Recovery Protection, and the last one is most important when all other security bases are covered and Data Validation Controls are also needed for ensuring that all numeric fields are correct. During security implementation process, threats will be identified as well as any disaster recovery. To ensure that the appropriate and correct data is kept safe as well as all HR financial data, the security involvement by outside security firm will follow any security specifications that are needed for the new HR system. They will also run monthly security checkups as well as providing weekly security scans which will be done by a security team trained by outside security and will be constantly informed of any security threats and security measures. References !Trak-It Solutions. (2007). !Trak-It HR. Retrieved April 20, 2011 from http://www.hris-software.net/index.html Security Innovation Inc. (2007). Solutions for sustainable security. Retrieved April 26, 2011 from http://www.securityinnovation.com/company/index.shtml Aspetuck Systems Inc. (2007). Human resources software and payroll software solutions. Retrieved April 26, 2011 from http://www.perfectsoftware.com/

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