Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Impact of Corporate Governance in Curtailing Financial Risks in Dissertation

Impact of Corporate Governance in Curtailing Financial Risks in Organizations in the United Kingdom - Dissertation Example set of rules and regulations affecting the political, social and economic environment of a nation and the research aim at analysing the same in an analytical manner. In order to achieve above mentioned aims, the research focuses on objectives including: To analyse the impact and influence of corporate governance on the social, political and economic environment of the United Kingdom To investigate the reasons of financial risks and role of corporate governance in curtailing it To evaluate the contribution of corporate governance in offering transparency and systematic approach to deal with the social and business environment 1.3 Research Purpose The major purpose of the research is to identify the role of corporate governance in curtailing financial risks in financial institutions in the United Kingdom along with assessing its influence over the business and social environment. This would further help in understanding and analysing the loopholes pertaining to corporate governance. 1. 4 Research Gap The researcher accepts the fact that many researchers have followed single and multi cue approach for this particular subject but very few have used conjoint analysis approach that would be used to assess the importance of corporate governance in curtailing financial risks. It would further help in analysing its role in context to Saudi Arabia in the near future Chapter 2: Literature Review 2.1 Introduction The chapter starts with introducing the concept of Corporate Governance along with highlighting its role in curtailing financial risks in the financial institutions. It also highlights reasons behind a number of financial risks along with the need of introducing effective corporate governance measures. 2.2 Corporate Governance Clarke and Thomas (2004) defined corporate... Center of discussion in this paper is corporate governance as a set of processes and policies affecting the way an organisation is directed, controlled and administered in the political, social and business environment. The accountability of individuals and organizations in the society is assessed through corporate governance in an effective and efficient manner. Until very recently, the financial services sector in the United Kingdom has been managed and regulated in a unique self regulated environment where interested bodies stood up when problems arose and offered solutions. This system has several critics but the combination of efficient financial services organizations and cooperative government controlled and administered the industry in an exemplary manner. However, with a number of scandals, the state took the regulatory control of the area in the year 1997 offering very little scope to the self regulated process. It needs to be understood that corporate governance must have played a unique role in offering freedom to independent and government bodies in regulating and administering the industry. The state took the control because of a series of scandals lacking corporate governance. As per Stevenson’s report published in The Independent, one of the most unfortunate financial scandals include the Lloyd of London; the oldest and most trusted financial institution in the United Kingdom. The bank gambled its fortune along with the fortunes of few hundred investors and went under huge debts.

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