Thursday, August 8, 2019

Professional certificates of software engineering Research Paper

Professional certificates of software engineering - Research Paper Example There are a number of reason for which certification is crucial or needed for software engineers and the field of software engineering. One of the benefits of certification is that skills of the engineers become widely acceptable, which is in relation to quality of service and skills. As a result, the skills of a software engineer can be verified and deemed to meet the expected standards or even be below. In addition, it creates proper job opportunities for all interested parties with certification as organization employ people with credentials, as opposed to those without (Compucert n.d.). This is because credentials are always verifiable and reliable as opposed to actual practice, which could be inadequate and time consuming to prove one’s worth at engineering. In addition, certification creates a benchmark for the software engineering market through which people can be gauged in terms of their skills (Tripp 2002, p.32). Certification has as many downsides as it has upsides, which affect the role of certification and its outcomes. One such is that it is an expensive process for one to undergo since it consumes numerous resources, both financially and in time. There are also many certifications that a software engineer can receive putting the industry at loggerheads as to which is superior, or more recognized than the other. In addition, no set and regulated curriculum of software engineering program exists, which makes it difficult to discern proper qualifications against those that fall short of requirements (Wyrostek 2001). Different organizations provide certifications for software engineers in order to create a trustworthy market for software and ensure quality. One such organization is QAI global that certifies engineers in software quality, testing, quality analysis, software project management and software business analysis among others (Software Certifications n.d.). Another organization that

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