Monday, August 26, 2019

Creative Leadership and Management in International Schools Essay

Creative Leadership and Management in International Schools - Essay Example As the report declares creativity requires the application of existing knowledge in new ways, so that enhanced outcomes will result. Creativity is prized because it aids in the creation of value in a knowledge based economy. Creativity is a subjective measure whose outward manifestation is the enhancement of any aspect of an administrative function. Creativity has been defined as the â€Å"ability of a person to be flexible, muster initiative and achieve a goal with what is at hand. According to the discussion findings leadership is not an overnight event, and certainly not an inherited trait. An analysis of the most successful schools in the United States was recently conducted through financial assistance from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which identified the fact that administrators in successful schools share an unrelenting commitment to excellence for all students and have developed a high quality curriculum coupled with strong leadership skills. Therefore, the role of leadership and creativity both appear to be significant factors in contributing to success of schools and may be relevant especially in international schools where creativity will have to be exercised in the development of a curriculum that helps students to interact in a global environment. Leadership is often confused with management, but the factor that assumes importance when considered from the perspective of leadership for international schools, is that of creativity.

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