Friday, August 2, 2019

Nickelodeon in Latin America

Taran Swan had successfully launched Nickelodeon in Latin America. Would Swan be able to continue leading the team from New York? Or would it be better to appoint an interim director, and if so, whom? 1) Appoint a current member of the team as interim director †¢Swan knows her team member’s work ethics. They all know about each others projects. †¢Who should she choose? 2) Appoint third party individual as interim director †¢Third party with unattached opinion and new view. Hard to find a person, interview him, etc. 3) Divide responsibilities among current team members †¢Previously divided the Vice President of Marketing between Friedman and McCarty. †¢Valuable because joint partnership with two opinions instead of one. †¢But can lead to communication problems. †¢The position would have to be approved by Corporate, which can be a long process. 4) Continue serving as director remotely from New York †¢Swam has already successfully led her t o team through many challenges. Virtual meetings pose a problem. †¢Swan’s assistant, Sonia Schwarz, could continue acting as her â€Å"point person. † †¢Most work required the staff to travel to Latin America to work on deals with local offices in Argentina, Mexico, and Brazil. †¢Without Swan’s guidance, will her team still have the same energies? †¢Swan’s and her baby’s health is still unpredictable. Recommendation I recommend that Swan should continue to lead Nickelodeon Latin America from New York.She has successfully led her team through many challenges, and she cannot quickly find a person to take her place. She should mitigate risks and ensure there this a â€Å"back up† person incase anything would to happen to her. However, I think her relocating would pose as a minimal problem to her team as nowadays, many things can be done virtually, and people are already used to working with other team members through virtual means.

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