Friday, September 6, 2019

The Impact of Information Technology on Governments and Educational Organizations Essay Example for Free

The Impact of Information Technology on Governments and Educational Organizations Essay The Impact of Information Technology on governments: The Information Technology has revolutionized the government in servicing citizen. The nation consists of many varied information. All the information collected in the advanced database system and the concern department can retrieve the data from the single database. simple example in our Indian Institution is Public Deliver Systems (PDS),Citizen Identity Card, Green Card in USA, Residential Card in Gulf Countries. The government Can share the Information over the secured internet to combat the fraud, terrorism, etc. IT had very big impact in the aerospace and defense system of any government. This enabled the government to gather intelligence and transfer the data to the concern department in â€Å"secured way†. Some of the complex and very accurate bomber B2 would be impossible without the development of computer modeling techniques in IT. the Impact of Information Technology on Educational organizations: As IT has developed over the last thirty years and helped the educational establishment to influence in various ways. The most obvious example has been the Introduction of Information Technology related courses. These courses are introduced to the society has for qualified people to develop these Information Technologies. Developments such as the internet, satellite television has created a good platform the citizen of the country to know about what happening in the government, sports, education, engineering, etc . Educational organizations also have a goal to distribute Information from a source (lecture ,books, on-line resources etc) to the student. The processed by educational establishment distribute Information have become increasingly diverse, and the effectiveness of the process has also improved. The internet has helped the education institution where specialization is limited and they are looking for the particular resources which are available far away can be used through the internet to deliver the lecture and lab. Information technologies have enabled researchers to access a wider sources of information than previously available through such technologies as the internet and other related technologies such as electronic email, also enabled collaborative project to be undertaken between geographically distant group.

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