Friday, September 13, 2019

Critical Claim Paper-appeal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Critical Claim Paper-appeal - Essay Example ?This Chanel advertisement suggests that women can only attain power, if they fully submit to the sexual desires of men.† I used irony in my thesis. The ad indicates that women receive power, only after giving it away, by allowing their sexual commodification. Second, I presented enough support for my claim. Each of the topic sentence supports the idea that the ad is about sexual submission, the only way women get power over men. Moreover, I substantiated my supporting points by describing the text and making meaningful connections with my claim. For example, in the second paragraph, I used the terms â€Å"Middle Eastern signs and colors,† and afterwards, I described what I am referring to, such as the golden motifs and symbols that are typical to Middle Eastern design. I applied the notion of Orientalism because of the presence of sexual oppression of women as the â€Å"other.† Third, I used enough transition sentences to make my point, while having little gramma r or spelling mistakes. The comments did not note any gross mistakes in grammar and spelling. As for the transition sentences, I used transition signs, such as â€Å"furthermore† within paragraphs. Between paragraphs, I should have employed clearer transitions. I aim for my grade to be reconsidered. It is not exceptional enough to get a 5, but I presented an interesting and clear claim about an ad that sexualizes women, where I analyzed it in ways that support my thesis, primarily through depicting symbolic

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