Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Altar Cross, 12th century Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Altar Cross, 12th century - Research Paper Example The history of Altar Cross is associated with the Abbey of Bury Saint Edmunds. The Altar Cross is the only handy item of religious significance which contains brief historic record and expression of the followers. The five pieces of walrus tusk integrate to form Altar Cross which contains ninety-two figures and ninety-eight inscriptions. The inscriptions on the Altar Cross revealed the hatred shared by Jews against Jesus; this cross contains certain statements and inscriptions against Jesus. The historic facts indicate that strong resentment which prevailed among the dwellers in England, and is evidence of the anti-Semitism in the English society. The origin of this cross is with the time frame of 12th century, because it was in 13th century when the Jewish were expelled from England. The Altar Cross was reunited with the central plague in fourteenth-century. A group of historian believe that Altar Cross has Catalan or Aragonese origin. The paintings of the few Italians in the period of Medieval and Renaissance confirmed the existence of the crosses in the churches. These crosses were installed in the churches as mark of respect for Jesus. The Altar Cross has been â€Å"installed upon pedestal in the centre of the altar" (Benson, 2003); this position is regarded because of its supreme importance. The cross is widely popular among the followers, and is regarded as "simple in design and inexpensive, or most elaborate and valuable" (Benson, 2003). The Altar Cross depicts the history of Christianity, and the brutality experienced by the Christians under Jewish command. Christianity has remained victim of desolation, terror, abuse and anguish; the Altar Cross is the symbolic representation of all these acts of violence faced by Christians and validates the vigour, zeal and courage with which the community fought and emerged victorious. The inexpensive Altar Cross is made of "wood, brass, bronze, copper and pewter" (George, 2003). However with

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