Thursday, September 12, 2019

Current Event Review 2 Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Current Event Review 2 - Article Example In my opinion, the fears of parents are valid to a good extent because a large number of children throughout the world are using social networks, and consequently, revealing a great deal of personal information on these websites as well. Most of these children are not conscious of the intricate online privacy settings which are designed in a way to gain as much personal information as possible. Besides, I believe the uneasiness of the parents associated with advertising is justifiable too, as advertisers on social networks often use personal information of the individuals to market products which are close to their liking. These tactics employed by the social networks breach the fundamental concepts of Business Ethics, in terms of use of information, security and advertising. However, the negative impact of such measures is also being felt by the businesses themselves as their reputation faces a serious challenge from not only parents but also groups like Common Sense Media, which ar e launching campaigns for legislation in this regard. The article explains an important issue which is of significance and concern for parents as well as business groups. Proper legislations and measures should be taken for the protection of privacy of people as well as for maintaining the policies of business ethics for maintaining the integrity and credibility of businesses. Ingram, M. (2010, October 10). â€Å"Parents Say Social Networks Dont Protect Childrens Privacy.† Bloomberg Businessweek. Retrieved from:

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