Thursday, September 26, 2019

DB 3 Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

DB 3 - Research Paper Example There is a possibility of having a leader from different country go to work at a different state, thus calls for considerations on the way such leaders will navigate through their respective cultures and adopt the culture of the land. Senior leaders in any organization are most likely to determine the culture of which the organization follows since they are the ones with power to make decisions (Sinha, 2008). However, the United Nations has its own culture of which it expects any other leader to obey and follow the same standards. China has a very different culture from that of the USA, as well as India. For instance, USA is more of modernized with even a different approach in the dressing code. This implies that a leader from India working in the USA has at least to adopt the dressing standards of the USA. The same case will apply to a USA citizen working in China, since the culture of the land is subject to uphold. However, the organization requires to reach an agreement with the culture of the land to be a bit lenient on what they expect foreigners to perform so that it can give an apple ground for an individual to balance his/her culture with the culture of the land he/she is working at that moment. This is t he only way of ensuring that really an organization achieves its roles, as leaders from any country will have an ample time and environment of performing duties

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