Friday, November 15, 2019

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Shrek Dragon on Shrek Conventionally modern draw bridge or the classic plank overpass†¦oh and what about this suspension bridge model? Remember what the princess said, â€Å"Keep it simple†, so maybe no suspension bridge, for now anyway. Too bad none of her suitors are man enough to wander across that old rickety death trap of a bridge that is already out there, dang nobles don’t even come around but once a decade anyway, I don’t see why I have to make them a bridge to increase their chances of taking my princess. In fact, I wonder if they even know what they are getting themselves into. That girl, high maintenance, how many people could tolerate†¦. â€Å"Dragooonnneeee† I hate it when she does that, doesn’t she realize that dragons have highly sensitive eardrums. Off to the chamber I go, must she call me when I just start a new project? Trying to fix that old bridge over the lava pit is no cakewalk I hope she realizes†¦ †¦Ah yes, I remember where I put that extra rope, it’s in the basement next to the room with the gold†¦ †¦Ã¢â‚¬Å"Hang on, I’m coming† schess, that princess acts like a well†¦ like a princess†¦ but she could consider dropping the act any day soon. After all, she will miss me if her prince ever carriers her away†¦he ha ha†¦she be so old by that time that if someone did come to rescue her from my evil fire they will take one look at her and quietly sneak out the back moat bridge like a baby dragon with his pointed little tail between his legs. â€Å"What’s up Prissy?† hah, she hates it when I call her that. â€Å"I hate it when you call me that† ah oh, is that smirk on her face? Yep, definite smirk, I know I’ve filed that look away in the â€Å"up to no good† folder, warning, warning. â€Å"Could you fetch me some tomatoes and a head of lettuce for tonight’s supper. Get them out of the back garden if you could please, but no hurry†. Was that a glint of mischief or just the setting sun playing tricks on my eyes, and what is this no hurry stuff, it certainly seemed urgent just a minute ago?â€Å"Yah, yah, yah, sure. Hey, did you get your letter that came via vultureculture express, I left it on the table in the dining hall, figured you would see it† she seems a little fidgety, avoiding eye contact, hum, who was that letter from?

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