Friday, November 1, 2019

Ethics Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 9

Ethics - Assignment Example The idea of isolation and possibly being hated by fellow students pains her very much making her at times to yell loudly and burst into tears. The teacher’s first suspect on the Denise case of the dead rat seemed to be a provoking kid and seem not to care much since she just looks very comfortable when the teacher glances at her. The information needed to resolve this dilemma is the reasons that could be the motive behind such mistreatment to Denise. The dilemma would only be solved when the key reasons as appear to why this harsh handling of Denise continues by the fellow students. The first solution is to seek on how to bridge the information gap by finding the right facts that would have played a role towards the mistreatment of Denise. This would unearth the core issues quickly. However, Johns, McGrath & Mathur (2008) indicate that striking an adequate information balance is difficult due to varying divergent views of each character. Unethical teacher behavior would provide the environment for poor behaviors amongst the students. There should be strict restrictions and punishments towards awkward behavior like putting dead rat into another student’s locker. This will instill discipline and order amongst the student. However, a few cases of such kind would still appear. Unethical teacher behavior would make it impossible to implement the solution. According to Paul (2012), there should be interactive sessions, for the students to interact freely and associate with each other with courage and confidence. A talk should be undertaken with the whole students’ fraternity to elaborate on the key significance of being each other’s brother’s keepers and the essence of peaceful coexisting

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