Thursday, November 21, 2019

Article response Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Response - Article Example milar levels of proficiency in their L3.Can Cross-Linguistic Influence(CLI) from L2 be observed in the, L3 lexicon of the candidate/learner who has attained a low level of L2 proficiency and who has also had limited exposure to that language? Let us see. The study showed that L1(English was used as L1 in the study) was by far the main source of influence on L3 languages. The CLI found in the L3(Germany was used) of the candidates in the high 2nd language proficiency(low L2 exposure) group has features of the Cross Linguistic Influence found in the L3 of the candidates in the high 2nd language proficiency(low L2 exposure) has characteristics of the CLI found in the L3 of the candidates in the high second language proficiency/high L2 exposure and the low second language proficiency(low L2) exposure groups. In a study of the placement of sentence negation in third language acquisition, it is argued that there is a contrast between acquisition of a second language and the acquisition of a third language. Although there is substantial evidence for L2 impact on vocabulary acquisition in L3, not every researcher believe that such manipulation generalizes to morph syntactic aspects of the grammar. The data clearly shows that syntactic structures are easily transferred from the second language than from the first language in the initial stage of L3 acquisition. The two groups behave almost contrastingly concerning the placement of negation, a contrast that can be sources to the L2 knowledge of the candidates in interaction with the typological relationship between the second and the third languages (Tremblay, 2006). The impact of L1 on L3 of learners who have achieved a higher level of L2 proficiency is the same, regardless of the level of exposure of L2 by the learners. While the overall rates of L1 influence are the same/similar for the high L2 proficiency exposure and a low second language exposure groups, the overall rate of first language influence found in the L3

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