Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Add These Trucker Blogs to Your Reading List

Add These Trucker Blogs to Your Reading List This is a bit of a meta-concept- The RJ Trucker Blog has a great bunch of recommendations for blogs by and for truckers you should be reading! Trucking Truth by driver Brett Aquila is a resource for aspiring and rookie drivers with an honest and informative take on how to become and succeed as a driver.Trucker Dump, authored by Todd McCann, is an insider’s look at the issues and opportunities for solo and team truckers alike.Real Truck Driver Blog, run by Robert Allen (one of the hosts of The RJ blog), has a specialized approach to blogging about trucking, sorting his posts by category and recommending headsets and software as well as advice and guidance for new and old drivers.AutoFleet Market Trends Blog, from writer and trucker Mike Antich, reflects the author’s 20 years of management and driving experience. If you’re interested in moving up the ladder into management, definitely check out his blog.One Girl Trucking is written by the semi-anonymous Bethany, an d I’m not even a little sheepish about declaring it my favorite- Bethany’s focus in empowering women behind the wheel (and raising awareness of her extremely cute dog, Poppy Rose).The Daily Rant  by driver Salena is an ongoing series of snapshots of life on the road as she drives all over the U.S. and Canada, documenting her experiences with great photos and entertaining posts.Ask the Trucker, written by Truck Driver Advocate Allen Smith (of, offers  information for drivers and students to raise the standards of the industry and help drivers connect with one another.Daniel S Bridger’s Trucking Blog  is run by a driver and trainer with more than 30 years of experience- he accepts guests posts and contributors, if you’re interested in joining the ranks of trucker-writers!Wheel Beauties is run by Laila, who channels her passion for trucking and big rigs (and toys, racing, photos and specialty vehicles) into this blog and welcome s all enthusiasts to share her excitement for these massive trucks, and support for those who drive them.I feel more informed already!

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