Thursday, July 25, 2019

Nursing Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 8

Nursing - Assignment Example Emphasis is given on the need for the involvement of the government for the improvement of quality of healthcare services provided across Nigeria. The introduction of an effective healthcare system could help, according to Riman & Akpan (2012), to achieve the above target. The issue explored in the study of Riman & Akpan (2012) can be characterized as quite important. In fact, the lack of adequate funds has been, traditionally, a reason for failures in the delivery of healthcare services worldwide. The study of Riman & Akpan (2012) can be also used for identifying potential methods for keeping the quality of healthcare services in areas where the access to financing is problematic. The study of Riman & Akpan is well structured, at the level that subtitles have been used for making the content more coherent. At the same time, literature has been combined with empirical research in order to offer more accurate explanations in regard to its subject. It should be also noted that all aspects of the issue under examination are presented in detail helping the reader to understand the current status of healthcare financing in Nigeria and its effects on the quality of the country’s healthcare services. The resources used in the study have been carefully chosen, incorporating literature related to the study’s subject. As for the empirical research, this is based on a survey conducted among a particular category of the population, i.e. ‘women in child bearing age who already have a child’ (Riman & Akpan 2012, p.296). This means that the results of the survey can be used for understanding the performance of the country’s healthcare system in regard to a specific group of people. In the context of the research methods described above, the author’s conclusions can be characterized as legitimate, showing the relationship between healthcare financing and the quality of healthcare

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