Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Adventure in pisay

Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Biological Science Year and Section: AAA Resource Teacher 1: Mrs.. Minute Date: August 4, 2014 Cooperating School: Philippine Science High School – Bucolic Region Campus Instructional materials are designed for use by students and teachers as a earning resource for students to acquire essential knowledge, skills, abilities and dispositions.This includes print and non-print materials, including comprehensive/ core textbooks, supplemental materials, web-based and electronic textbooks, and other type of Instructional materials being use by teachers in a classroom. Topic: Culture Media Preparation Instructional Material used: Power point presentation and Textbook Instructions: use the checklist below to evaluate the instructional material (s) use by our resource teacher.Place a (0 mark on the blank before each item If the instructional material (s) fit the description or an (x) mark If It does not fit the description. 1. The instructional m aterials used by the teacher align with the learning objectives. Lesson. 2. The instructional material is appropriate for the content of the 3. It supports self-directed learning. 4. The Instructional material is flexible In Its use. 5.The Instructional trials reinforce the learning and stimulate Interest of the learners. 6. It commensurate with student's learning abilities. Active learning. 7. It engages student in 8. Real-world application is relevant to students. 9. Instructional material provides access to or demonstrates concepts in multiple ways, allowing for a variety of students responses. Of skills and concepts at grade level. 10. Instructional material Includes application 11. The Instructional material present

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