Thursday, July 25, 2019

Discussion question Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Discussion question - Term Paper Example (Marshall 15) The devastation to other species of animals and plants through the additional use of land to grow more food will be irreplaceable. We could potentially lose several additional species of animals through the deforestation necessary to use land versus simply advancing our technological approaches. However, the new technology including gene manipulation is cause for alarm due to the potential side effects it brings with it. Another concern is the ethical issues surrounding the patenting of genes, this could potentially lead to major corporations owning humans bodies through the patent on the gene they may carry. One filmmaker spoke regarding this in 2004, she had originally made the film to look at pesticide use, and however, due to her research she became quite alarmed over the genetic manipulations being done by Monsanto Corporation. She called for additional supervision in this area as well as testing before using it in the general market. (Bertino 4) Much of the newer technology has been tested for an adequate length of time to see if negative effects may exist. Some researchers are looking for ways to potentially slow the growth of the human race and even place it at a standstill for a short time. Given the alternatives this may be an appropriate approach as well.

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