Thursday, October 3, 2019

What is Truth Essay Example for Free

What is Truth Essay Abstract â€Å"All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them. † Truth is education, but a person could never find the truth without being enlightened. The truth is the easiest thing to find, but many people do not care to find it. Most are more comfortable with the truth or afraid of what actually might be true. However, if they would just be optimistic and fearless they might actually experience and learn more. Anyone can find, learn, and appreciate almost anything that can be taught. And when a person can truly experience any one thing they become enlightened. Not only can this person share his experience but he can also spread the knowledge of what he had learned. Sometimes it is important to examine all possibilities because the amount you can learn can have huge impact on your life. In Mark Twain’s â€Å"Advice to Youths† and Plato’s â€Å"The Allegory of the Caves,† both authors portray that enlightening and experiencing are the two most important aspects of finding the truth. The Truth is in the Knowledge First of all, as a child, you can find more truths simply just listening to your parents then you could if you just ignore them. The amount of respect and trust you show your parents is directly related to the amount of freedoms and trust they give back to a child. The more a child can show they can listen and learn the more their parents enable them to broaden their experiences. [In Advice to Youth, Twain states, â€Å"Most parents think they know better than you do, and you can generally make more by humoring them that superstition then you can by acting on your own judgment †] Just because you do what your parents tell you, doesn’t mean you need to believe what they’re saying. Just watch your mouth while listening, and still form your opinion down the road. That way your parents will be happy, and still think they know more. While you can still be enlightened more later on down the road. Only one thing can even compare in importance to the truth, and that is a lie. Everyone sees lying as a bad thing, but it is a very important part of life. Every aspect of lie is important; they all have an impact on the outcome in the end. [In Advice to Youth, Twain says, â€Å"Now as to the matter of lying. You want to be very careful about lying; otherwise you’re nearly sure to get caught. †] Once someone catches you in a lie; your relationship changes for the rest of your life. Some might have the tolerance to forgive but they still will have lost faith in you as person. That is why Mark Twain is saying how important lying is in finding the truth in life. You must experience both sides of lies, and learn from them. You never know what a lie might cost you. A person can have a horrible experience the worst time in their life, but as long as they pick themselves up and learn from it; one achieves the best possible outcome from their situation. When someone is down it is pretty hard to cheer them up. You should help them realize they built character and knowledge from it, and the result is a stronger person. [In The Allegory of the Cave, Plato writes, â€Å"Build your character thoughtfully and painstakingly upon these precepts, and by and by, when you have got it built, you will be surprised and gratified to see how nicely and sharply it resembles everyone else’s. †] Sometimes a person cannot help what happens in their life. That is why a lot of people look at you differently as person after you react to controversy. Some would go as far as saying that helps build character and also shows toughness. The more a person is able to experience in life; the more enlightened and knowledgeable they become. First hand experiences are the easiest, and more often than not, the most effective way to educate. There is no better way to start building memory then hands on activities with whichever subject you want to learn about. [Plato also states, â€Å"Last of all he will be able to see the sun and not mere reflections of him in the water, but he will see him in the water, but he will see him in his own proper place, and not another; and he will contemplate him as he is. †] You cannot send someone out to do a job they’ve never done before. You will end up with a mess, which is why experience is just as important as learning anything. It is also why experiencing is just as important to truth as anything else. In closing, both Twain and Plato were saying that you need to learn if you want to find the truth about anything. And when they mean learn they are talking about every single thing around someone. You can simply enjoy life more by broadening skills and learning about things near and far. It is more important to find the truth rather than being scared or avoiding it. The truth can be something bad but you’ll never come out on the positive end of it if you don’t learn from it. Not everything is wrong just because everyone says that it is. A person needs to experience to find the truth and form their own opinion.

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