Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Personal plan in engaging cultural competence in Nursing Essay

Personal plan in engaging cultural competence in Nursing - Essay Example lways unavailable due to a busy schedule and family members of the patient were only able to speak with the nurses-on-duty at night, who were mostly Koreans or Chinese. One staff-on-duty just migrated from Korea and had limited English. Two days after the admission to the hospital, the patient died on her sleep. The cause of death was unknown, but the doctor implied that she may have had a heart attack that night. It was the only time, the day when the patient died, when the family was finally able to speak with the doctor who had been in a very busy schedule when the patient was still alive. I was really devastated when I found out that my grandmother died. I was not able to visit her when she was in the hospital; it was all so abrupt for the family. It was indeed a quick turnaround. She was healthy days before being admitted to the hospital, and she was always on schedule with her doctor and was equipped with her medication prescriptions, until her sudden death. My family and relatives all questioned her sudden demise. Indeed, there were symptoms, but these were not addressed properly, leading to her immediate death. For several years now, I have been thinking that her death was primarily prompted by lack of communication with the physician and the medical staff, and one major reason of which I believe, was language barrier and cultural diversity between my grandmother and her family on one hand, and the medical staff and the primary physician on the other hand. Another thing was that my grandmother was someone who tended to agree on everything from a healthcare staff even if she thought otherwise. One common trait among Filipinos is being reserved in many ways, such that we do not argue or debate to point out our views. With the diversity of culture, religion, and ethnicity of patients, medical staff, and other networks of the hospital in the healthcare field, it is important that communication is ensured in the way that each individual understands one

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