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Case study and 3Questions Help me Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Case study and 3Questions Help me - Essay Example The converse position isn’t really converse from Carr’s argument; it merely addresses the issues on a more singular level. To revisit the railroad analogy, having the technological tracks already set, as evidenced in diverse strands of computer and internet technology, company’s now must focus on more precise and finely-tuned technological measures in order to gain a competitive advantage. While these measures don’t carry the aplomb of the initial IT infrastructure (as Carr indicates) they nevertheless are essential measures (as the article argues). Again, this question seems to be one primarily concerned with semantics. Few business leaders would acknowledge that information technology is useless in the sense that the article presents it. The real question should be to what extent a fundamental infrastructure has been established and to what extent can one even continue to speak of a unifying concept of ‘information technology’. While General Electric and Intel surely have a number of overlapping information technology concerns, when it comes to specific instances of information technology there are areas of great divide. Surely, advances in information technology when applied strategically and competently no doubt result in business advantages; for instance the CEO of General Electric states, â€Å"We tend to get a 20 percent return on tech investments, and we tend to invest about $2.5 billion to $3 billion a year.† 3. What are several ways that IT could provide a competitive advantage to a business? Use some of the companies mentioned in this case as examples. Visit their websites to gather more information to help you answer. A review of GE’s website reveals their extensive breadth of business involvement. Their involvement in producing media products particularly stands out as an instance where they could implement information

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